My heart and my soul !


Picture credit : Hinna Ahmad

This I thought was workable enough picture of the four of us. Not the best to introduce my family because Hasan (my husband of 8 years) is not looking into the camera and  Zoey looks extremely angry) but well. That my friends is Hasan. He loves taking photographs, even has a photography company  but absolutely hates being photographed. Selfies are a big no no.

We met about nine and a half years back at a common friend’s wedding, he took some nice pictures of me and well the rest is history.  We have fought like mad dogs over the tiniest of issues, stood by each other when nothing seemed to be going in the right direction and basically survived 8 years of marriage without killing each other and that I must tell you is huge.  He will come up in the posts to follow, mostly telling me how to do things the right way because only his way can be the right away (insert facepalm emoji) . We share the same kind of Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)  when it comes to keeping our house clean and organized which i feel is so so important for a person’s sanity in marriage. I cannot imagine people like myself who cannot see a bread crumb on the floor ending up with someone who is laid back in this manner and vice’ versa.

We have been blessed with two kids so cute you would want to eat them up but let me assure you, you will not be able to spend an hour alone with them without wanting to pull all your hair out.

Meet my heart and my soul, my reason to wake up each morning with a smile (read frown) on my face.  IMG_20171021_112500

Picture credit: Tanzeela Hasan

Muhammad is going to be six this November and planning his birthday party is driving me nuts (more on that in another post). I did not fall in love with him immediately, I would be lying if I say I did. I had postpartum depression after his birth and a severe one. It was such a weird feeling, I did not really feel attached to him but could not sleep the whole night worrying what if he stops breathing for one reason or the other. After not being able to sleep at all for about two weeks I went to see the doctor who diagnosed me with postpartum depression. My mother helped me tremendously at that point, she would keep Muhammad with her so I could sleep well at night. It was after about 6 weeks when , as i like to joke about it, motherhood kicked in.


Picture credit :Hasan Hamza

Muhammad showed me and this is no joke, what true unconditional love feels like. He has been a difficult eater, he would throw up once a day for almost 3 years. There were times I fed him a single meal thrice. I have cried, I have laughed and I have realized having kids changes you as a person, it makes you much more patient and compassionate. My elder one is very sensitive and emotional. He gives me much more kisses and hugs than the little one ever would. He loves cars, he can tell you the name, the model by just looking at the lights. He loves video games and how badly I try to keep him away from them. He loves to talk, he will ask you so many questions you would want to drown in a sip of water. His favorite food is shimla mirch keema (minced beef with bell pepper) and favorite color blue (because his dad loves blue).

Zoey is two and a half and none of us dare wake her up while she is having her nap because oh boy, you do not want to witness what happens if she does. Let’s just say our floor has some really nice people who have not complained of voices similar to exorcism coming out of our apartment occasionally. She is the exact opposite of her brother. She is very independent, does not like to cuddle, hug and all such things. She loves dresses so much that when I saw a girl wearing Nylon Elsa dress in Wonderland Toronto when it was 32 degrees outside, I could relate to what her parents were going through.

Because I cannot keep on dressing undressing her so I put her dress on whatever she is wearing. Example of a fashion fail : _20180313_211957

Picture Credit: Tanzeela Hasan

She loves dancing to Bollywood songs just like her mommy and has to copy Muhammad in whatever he does. She occasionally says I am her best friend ( dancing Gagnam style). Her favorite food is fried chicken and she loves purple color.

Both of them scream joyously when Hasan gets back from work though the screams fade away quickly because we exchange some glances in which I tell him what ***** they had been all day. More on their shenanigans some other day!

Picture Credit: Tanzeela Hasan


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